We serve
multiple markets


LYNRED's ability to develop products that meet the specific and demanding requirements of space programs relies on qualified people with a strong heritage in the space field, an extensive experience in the management of space programs, as well as an industrial tool for manufacturing, testing and characterization of the latest generation to ensure the performance and reliability of flight models delivered.


Land, sea, and airborne armed forces have used our high-performance infrared detectors for more than 30 years. Our products provide a tactical advantage through their unmatched detection, recognition and target identification capabilities, helping to protect lives and conserve resources.

Leisure & outdoors

Our products allow outdoor enthusiasts to observe nature in all weather and lighting conditions with a range of several hundred meters. They are affordable, robust, and compact enough for on-the-go outdoor use.

Security, Surveillance & Safety

Our range of infrared detectors covers the entire spectrum from SWIR to VLWIR in a choice of formats from QQVGA to SXGA. Built on proven technology, these detectors are designed to meet the growing demand for fixed and mobile surveillance equipment, ensuring optimal operation of surveillance and security systems day and night and in all weather conditions.


Our versatile, powerful, advanced infrared detectors provide temperature measurement and imaging capabilities which are essential to the work of design engineers and in-the-field professionals in a broad range of industries.

Machine vision

The use of shortwave infrared (SWIR) offers significant advantages to many applications in the industry. LYNRED's InGaAs technology provides sensitivity, noise and operability performance to meet these needs.

Transport & Mobility

Our infrared detectors help automotive designers develop reliable and effective solutions to detect and classify obstacles in all light and weather conditions to ensure the safety of the vehicle and its surroundings.