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Space & Energy management, Security & Safety

Smart buildings
Thermeye®-building, an innovative thermal imaging sensor for smart buildings

Buildings have to deal with a number of challenges: optimizing the available space, reducing energy costs, improving employee comfort and wellbeing, and offering new services and uses.  And all the while, having to also ensure buildings are safe and secure. LYNRED offers disruptive technology that can deal with all these issues: the Thermeye®-building thermal sensor.

This sensor is integrated into a solution to provide human activity recognition for buildings (detection, tracking, people counting, posture classification, etc.). It is designed to work in any lighting conditions, both day and night. The 80 x 80 pixel resolution means users can create reliable and ruggedized solutions (with no false alarms or counting errors) without compromising anyone’s privacy. Equipped with a large field of view lens (120°), the ThermEye®-building sensor can cover an area of > 30 m².

Multifunctional detectors

High energy efficiency (long battery life)

Large area covered

Respects privacy