The global infrared sensor market: how France’s suppliers are staying at the top

The global infrared sensor market: how France’s suppliers are staying at the top

September 04, 2019 . 5min read

Choosing a new supplier is always strategic, regardless of how big or small the customer is. Sourcing is a mission-critical process, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. To make sure you end up with the best supplier for your needs, you have to do your due diligence. Financial stability is, of course, crucial. But it is not the only point you should be verifying. You should also look at a potential supplier’s growth, market position, history, and capacity for innovation.

On the global infrared sensor market, suppliers in France have carved out a strong position and maintained it over the long term. Read on to learn how France’s infrared sensor suppliers are staying at the top of the global market.


A strong capacity to meet the needs of customers and the market

Infrared sensor manufacturers in France work closely with camera manufacturers and other partners to ensure that they have a solid understanding of what the market actually needs. One of the main challenges often mentioned by camera manufacturers is finding suppliers capable of delivering infrared technology that is simple and affordable so that it can be integrated into even more consumer and commercial-grade products.

So, the ability to really listen to the market—and to their customers—is a common trait among top suppliers. France’s infrared sensor suppliers have developed a customer-driven approach that positions them to respond to their customers’ requests and align their production capacities with their customers’ needs. According to Jean-François Delepau, Chairman of LYNRED, the world’s leading thermal imaging sensor manufacturer, “Our goal has always been to drive new developments on the infrared market.”

Another concern shared by top suppliers is delivering maximum performance at an affordable cost on a market that is particularly price-sensitive.

Last, but not least, top suppliers maintain a clear and strategic positioning over the long term with regard to the market and their customers. For LYNRED Chairman Delepau, this means “sharpening our market focus and positioning our company as a supplier of infrared components only. We are not competing with our customers, thermal camera manufacturers. This is something our customers genuinely appreciate and that gives us substantial added value.”




Scientific credibility

Another aspect that helps France’s infrared sensor suppliers stand out is scientific research. Top suppliers partner with leading European research organizations like Leti, which specializes in micro and nanotechnology. In this way, they maintain their scientific knowledge at the state of the art so that they can continue to drive innovation. Partnerships with research organizations also give these suppliers access to the laboratory equipment they need to develop new processes and products.


A strong commitment to innovation

France’s infrared sensor suppliers target emerging niches like the autonomous vehicle and smart building markets. This is another way they stay ahead. They also innovate to speed up product development and scale-up. Finally, they innovate not only in terms of new products, but also in areas like packaging and manufacturing processes. For example, LYNRED is developing wafer-level and pixel-level packaging and reducing pixel pitch. These are the kinds of innovations that have helped France’s infrared sensor suppliers maintain a dominant position on the global market.


Sustained long-term growth

When choosing a supplier, you should ensure that the company has been growing for several years and that it still has the potential to grow further. Your supplier should have sufficient production capacity to respond to the needs of your growing markets. Responsiveness and flexibility are two qualities that will help your potential supplier maintain growth.


For more than a decade, France’s infrared sensor suppliers, including leader LYNRED, have secured a large share of the global microbolometer-technology market. They have leveraged the latest scientific advances and made particularly smart investments to keep up with a fast-paced market, constantly striving to bring their customers the solutions they need while cultivating a long-term vision of the market. They have created the foundations for long-term growth and proven their capacity to serve as solid manufacturing partners.









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